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"Change Today, Change Tomorrow is a Black woman led non-profit organization in Louisville, KY. "

What We Do

Community Engagement
Community Engagement
Join us in civic participation, typically over food and fellowship.
Change Food Justice
Change Food Justice
Access to fresh and organic foods not only makes us healthier but it allows us to think clearer, sustain our whole selves and even affects our mood.
Change Public Health
Change Public Health
From outreach for the unhoused to providing period products to community organizations: we're assessing needs and filling voids as best we can, it's going to take all of us to save us.

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Turn your excess into access with CTCT

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Support any (and all) of our wishlists to aid in the longevity and sustainability of our outreach services. From women, men and baby items to school supplies, retail supplies, and unhoused outreach materials!

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