Born as a necessity to fight scarcity and the unknown of how to get that next meal, on June 2, 2020 came Feed the West (FTW). CTCT continues to fund and fully facilitate the program, which is entirely community driven. Louisville residents directly donate fresh and organic foods, as well as toiletry products, by dropping them off at our partnered sites throughout the city. These groceries are then organized at the Feed the West office, packed, and delivered directly to families, primarily in the West End, who request them through the CTCT website. Every delivery includes meal building staples and fresh organic produce, as well as any requested hygiene or infant products. On average families provided for have over three members in the household, and receive $85 worth of groceries each week.

Since that first summer Feed the West has cultivated tremendous momentum and community support. Beyond donations from community members and partnered drop sites, we receive a large portion of our fresh produce and organic meats from Trader Joes. Other partners include CARE Inc. and Black-women-led fresh food initiatives, such as Parkland Neighborhood Food Mart and the Louisville Community Grocery. 

Feed the West pack and complete deliveries every Monday and Thursday from 12p-4p. In addition there are two bulk grocery drop offs each week on Wednesdays to the Parkland Boys & Girls Club, and on Thursdays to Russell Neighborhood Complex.


Ways You Can Help

Turn your excess into access with CTCT!

Please leave your contact information at the drop site if you wish to be listed as a donor.

Grocery Needs

Canvas Bags/
Grocery Bags
Small Boxes
Cases of Water
Organic Fruit
Organic Vegetables
Oatmeal – Variety Pack
Canned Goods

Organic Fresh and Frozen Meats
Single Serve Desserts
Hygiene Items –
Period Products, Deodorant, Bar Soap, Shampoo/Conditioner, Lotion, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, ETC.

Please fill out the Grocery Donation form so we can better assist you!