FTW Volunteer Packet

*Must read the volunteer welcome packet above*

When I Work Volunteer Onboarding Checklist

This guide will give you the resources you need to utilize When I Work.
This will cover everything including how to register with When I Work,
how to view your schedule, and resources available to you.

Getting Started
Download the When I Work mobile app – available on iOS and Android devices (Minimum Requirements)
● Register with your Workplace without an invite: Computer / iOS device / Android
○ Open the When I Work app – tap ‘Sign Up’
○ Completed Profile – enter your email name, email address, mobile number and create a
password. Tap ‘Sign Up’
○ Join Your Workplace – search for ‘Change Today, Change Tomorrow Inc’ and click ‘Join
Workplace’. Your account will be pending until a manager approves your registration.

Using the When I Work App
● Training & Onboarding: Video

We ask that folks who have been in large crowds support us from home to reduce the risk of COVID-19. If you would like to pass out food and supplies to protesters please contact taylor@change-today.org!