The Refresh At Pocket Change Spotlights Self Care

Refresh (rəˈfreSH): to give new strength or energy to; to reinvigorate.


 As humans, we are always in need of new strength and energy, particularly during a global pandemic, but why is it that Black folks so often aren’t given this luxury? Change Today, Change Tomorrow is not only creating programs and initiatives that feed, clothe, provide jobs and economic stimulation for the Black community, but also advocating for mental health, wellness, and self care. Events like The Refresh At Pocket Change are setting the precedent when it comes to organizations advocating for not only community livelihood and necessities, but newfound strength and energy. 

The Refresh is a monthly self care program at Pocket Change: Change Today, Change Tomorrow’s hub for Black-owned businesses in Butchertown. Pocket Change offers wholesale and store front exposure, monthly small business classes, and upcoming programs include Self Care Sunday and Open Mic Nights. The Refresh is a collaboration between Change Today, Change Tomorrow and Corey Thomas, a West Louisville illustrator and Black yogi in training. 


“I wanted to create a safe and relaxing environment for people especially black folk to come and refresh themselves for the upcoming week,” said Thomas, “we are so focused on the day to day, that we often forget to take time for ourselves, which to me is the most important component.” 


The Refresh at Pocket Change is held on the 3rd Sunday of each month, and includes a restorative yoga practice from 1-2 and then a self care brunch from 2-5. Reservations are required, and attendees receive a goodie bag filled with self care items. 


New strength and energy is the name of the game at The Refresh, “as a prospective yogi in training, I wanted to introduce ways to handle stress and turn that into positive energy, along with a good meal and music that will make you just feel good, thus birthing ‘The Refresh,’” said Thomas, and several others echoed the notion that people don’t simply need to be cared for, but nourished and rejuvenated. 


“Refresh is exactly what happened for me. For the first time I was ready for the week ahead of me,” said Angela Masden, Director of Parkland Boys and Girls Club and CTCT Board Member. 

“Self care is not selfish, it’s necessary,” said Nannie Croney, Change Today, Change Tomorrow’s Deputy Director, “took a break to unwind, breathe deep and refresh before the start of a new week.” To attend this month’s The Refresh, RSVP to – Kelsey Westbrook 

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