The Change Up

Currently, 3.8 million people participate in an active coworking environment, with a projected 5.1 million by 2022. Eighty-four percent of individuals operating in a coworking space proclaimed to be more motivated and engaged. Eighty-nine percent of individuals operating in a coworking space said they were happier! Giving people the tools and resources they need to enhance their talents and learn new skills creates space for growth and endless opportunities. Black-owned and operated nonprofit organizations only receive 3% of the grant monies funded annually in the United States. This alarming fact has driven us to inspire others to join together and collaborate as much as possible to bring about the most diverse and influential positive change our neighborhoods have seen.

Project Goals

We hope to sign up over 100 members and community organizations combined within the first operating year. This will create at least 100 opportunities for individuals and organizations to partner, collaborate and trade services sparking overall positive change. We want to give folks the tools they need to succeed.

Monthly Member Fee + Package Amenities

Unlimited CoffeeXXX
Open Coworking SpacesXXX
Networking OpportunitiesXXX
5 Free 12 x 19 Posters MonthlyXXX
Private & Secured Small Storage Space XX
Priority Reservations – Maker Lab, Podcast and Photography Studios XX
Discounted Professional Development Courses XX
100 Free Basic Business Cards *One Time Offer, $10 for 100 After Initial Order* XX
Business Mailing Address  X
Priority Reservations – Conference Rooms  X
50 Custom Thank You Cards + Stamps
*One Time Offer*
Personal Pods *Coming Soon*  X