Monica Lee Ridgeway

Change Today Change Tomorrow (CTCT) is going into the neighborhoods and communities that most organizations have vowed to go into and to, per their grant funding deliverables, but have not. CTCT is a new, yet well prepared, Nonprofit, community based organizations (CBO), that has stepped up to the plate and doing just what black communities and neighborhoods have always deserved and needed. I have had an afforded opportunity to work with CTCT in Louisville, KY and Paducah, KY. This CBO has supported many community efforts in both cities to combat against HIV/AIDS, Drug Overdose by supporting community lead Drug Overdose Prevention Education programs and supporting Health Awareness programs. I know that anytime the University of Kentucky’s Innovative Project: Kentucky Finding Cases Project or Kentucky Department for Public Health’s HIV Prevention programs have needed community participation, CTCT has always been on the frontline with us, and we are forever grateful for such an Innovative, Impactful, dependable, & committed organization that understands that all people, especially those communities overlooked, are vital in ending the epidemics of HIV/AIDS and the Opioid Crisis.

Program Manager/Program Developer of the “Kentucky Finding Cases Project”