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JULY 13, 2021 

LOUISVILLE, KY (July, 13, 2021) — Change Today, Change Tomorrow’s Small Business Workshop series will be beginning it’s second series this Thursday July 15, at 7pm at Black-Owned-Business hub Pocket Change. Currently, 75 local businesses have signed up, with 50 RSVP’s for the first class. CTCT is sending out a call to action to individuals and businesses to sponsor $5000 in funding for each business that completes the series. 

-Additional information on the series can be found in the previous release below 

JULY 7, 2021 

LOUISVILLE, KY (July 7, 2021) — Local Black woman-led non-profit Change Today, Change Tomorrow (CTCT) will be hosting a graduation for their first Small Business Workshop cohort July 8, 2021 at 7pm. The graduation will take place at the organization’s local Black-Owned-Business hub Pocket Change, located at 1753 Bardstown Rd. The graduating group has participated in free workshops led by business owner, and deputy director of CTCT, Nannie Grace Croney, ranging in topics from Business Basics to Investing and Branding. Each graduate will also receive additional resources, up to $5,000 of funding to grow their business, and the opportunity to take on leadership roles teaching the next Small Business Workshop series which will begin Thursday July 15, 2021 at 7pm at Pocket Change. 

Testimonials from participants and organizers: 

“The small business class has helped me prioritize different components of running a small business. It’s also a gateway to conjugate with like minded individuals. This declares that I am not alone in the beginning stages of the small business world!” – Brittiney Griffin, Kitten Kare 

“Change Today, Change Tomorrow small business workshops offered me networking opportunities and business education that would be otherwise inaccessible for me. I felt completely supported. It was reassuring there was a community resource rooting for my small business to grow!”- Jamacia Williams, Happy Brown Girl 

“It has definitely helped with more orders, helped me make more friends (customers) and has helped me understand business more especially being in a store front, Pocket Change” – Bailey, Bath Wonderland, a 9-year old Entrepreneur 

“I really enjoy the small business classes because it helps me not only connect with other black owned businesses but learning how to run my own business better. The most important part that I have taken away from these classes are the interactive activities and questions that have turned into actions. These activities give

tangible results and a clear vision for next steps for continuous growth.”-Mahogany Livers, Mindful Moments with Mo 

“The small business workshop is helping me because first off it’s filled with people that look like me! It’s run by People that are genuinely and heavily invested in our community and it’s growth. It is providing me with the tools I need to help me evaluate what I need to do as a business owner/ black woman to take my business to the next level. It allows me much needed time to sit back and analyze my business and it’s needs. We talk about things that I would have thought about with this program. We are given guidance to think about the practical things our business needs, and how we can obtain them. We talk about our goals, missions, and accomplishments. We have also been introduced to successful peoples throughout our community to talk about their struggles, and what’s made them so successful. We have made connections with people that wouldn’t have been possible without this program! I have personally been connected with a woman that has helped me successfully register for a home care license! I have yet to be in any other workshop that has provided me with such great knowledge and connections!”- Talia Cooksey, Heart to Hand 

“The small business class sponsored by Pocket Change, a black owned product and business initiviate through Change Today, Change Tomorrow, has facilitated a safe space for business owners to be vulnerable. A place to celebrate victories, grow through struggles, and express frustrations while manifesting and creating goals. The class has seen growth and development along business successes.” -Nannie Croney, Dope Designs by Nannie


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