Appealing to the needs of the Black community in multiple facets with specific focus on education and community service.

Change Youth Engagement

The Change-Makers Academy

is launching in the upcoming 2020-2021 academic year in targeted Jefferson County Public Schools, Parkland Boys and Girls Club of Kentuckiana and Mizizi Home School Co-Op.

Mindful Moments with Mo w/Parkland youth

Program Focus

Community Service and Research, Building and Maintaining Relationships, Leadership and Mentorship, Health, and Entrepreneurship.

Mindful Moments with Mo w/Parkland youth

Program Activities

Neighborhood Needs Assessment, DIY Projects, Healthy Food Prep, Yoga and Meditation, Team Building and Bonding, Leadership and Mentor Camp, Public Speaking, Event Planning, Budgeting, Pitch Competition, Family Field Trips & many more.

There will be a Sustainability Grants and Awards Ceremony in 2021.

Request for Speakers

There is an opportunity for marginalized community leaders and organizations to come speak. Please email us your credentials, curricula, and how your work aligns with our mission!

We will have speakers from our partners at — Diversity at the Table, Dope Designs by Nannie, Blk Girl Narrative, Mindful Moments with Mo, Play Cousins Collective, Empowering Ladies Together, LHOME, etc.