Devoted to eradicating the barriers that plague the Black community in Education, Food Justice, and Public Health.


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There is a 15-year life expectancy difference between Louisville residents in the East and those in the West End. #FeedTheWest is a community food justice initiative spearheaded by Shauntrice Martin sponsored by Change Today, Change Tomorrow. This initiative will continue on until the West End has Black-Owned and sustainable fresh food sources for our residents.


Questions? Contact Change Today, Change Tomorrow Food Justice Coordinator Tra’Shelle Brown at or 502-286-9229


The Bok Choy Project by Shauntrice Martin

Root Cause Research Center shared “the research and work of community members working toward justice for traditionally disenfranchised and marginalized communities. The following work was prepared by Shauntrice Martin, the esteemed founder and director of #FeedtheWest. Photos are credited to Nicole Funk.

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REPORT CALL TO ACTION: Call/email/tweet this report to Kroger CEO Rodney McMullen.

Ask him why he gave himself a raise instead of giving Black people healthy food. According to Louisville Business Journal, Kroger Co. boosted the compensation of CEO Rodney McMullen by 21% last year, driven by a boost in stock awards tied to performance incentives. Demand that he donate $5 million to #FeedTheWest.

Facebook & Twitter: @Kroger

Kristal Howard (Head of Media Communications)

Phone: 513-762-1304


Erin Grant (Louisville Division)

Phone: 502-423-4969


This is a community issue and we encourage everyone to do what they can to ensure our WHOLE city is healthy.

The Black Market by Shauntrice Martin

The Black Market is a Black-owned grocery store being built in Louisville’s biggest food dessert. Join the movement.

Collaborating Organizations

Please leave your contact information at the drop site if you wish to be listed as a donor.

Grocery Needs

Canvas Bags/
Grocery Bags
Small Boxes
Cases of Water
Organic Fruit
Organic Vegetables
Oatmeal – Variety Pack
Canned Goods

Organic Fresh and Frozen Meats
Single Serve Desserts
Hygiene Items –
Period Products, Deodorant, Bar Soap, Shampoo/Conditioner, Lotion, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, ETC.

Please fill out the Grocery Donation form so we can better assist you!

More communal resources will be posted shortly. We will get through this together.

See video from #FeedTheWest donations for Tuesday June 2, 2020 #DayOne