Constant Change: Sunday Dinner

We launched our Umoja Project expansion programs this week! We’re now offering various outreach services four out of seven days of the week.

Sunday Dinner

We’re partnering with Dope Designs by Nannie and Sowing Seeds with Faith to bring a weekly Sunday Dinner to families in the West End, specifically the Park Hill, Russell, and Parkland neighborhoods.

Communal Bleach Monday

This week we were gifted with a Bleach Maker from WaterStep, a local nonprofit who provides global access to fresh water and bleach creation. We are able to make 10 Gallons of bleach every hour!

Individuals, community organizations, small businesses and anyone else in Louisville, KY in need of bleach please fill out this form. We’re offering bleach to the community on Mondays between 10 AM and 3 PM.

**Please bring your own jugs/bottle(s)**

Sack Lunch Tuesday

We’re building a bridge between communal support and site-based Boys and Girls Clubs that serve the Semple Elementary and Frost Middle School areas. We are acting as a community liaison and gathering sack lunches and snacks prepared and purchased by giving members of the Louisville community.

Umoja Thursday

Our original unhoused outreach service has extended from biweekly to weekly, doubling our impact! Every Thursday at 6 PM we’re able to distribute 60+ hot meals and essential items known as Change Kits – masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, vitamins, deodorant, bar soap, shampoo, conditioner, washcloths, combs, razors, socks, and period products.

If you are in a position to give toward any of these programs please consider donating in the form of hot meals, snacks, sack lunches, project supplies, gift cards, or monetarily.

Thank you to this week’s donors:

  • Tara and Erik Bristow – Snacks
  • Sara Belle – Masks
  • Eliza Thompson – Food
  • Ashley Keeling McCauley – Food
  • Stephanie Wright Bard – Snacks
  • Casey Hamm -1,500 Starbucks Bags
  • Gabrielle Armstead – Sack Lunches
  • Kandyce Santiago – Masks
  • Norwex by way of Sally Thompson – Food
  • Sweet Surrender Cafe – Dessert
  • Health Department – Condoms
  • Ocean Behavioral Healthcare – $100 Kroger Gift Card
  • New Leaf Clinic – $100 Donation
  • Buy Black Lou – 150 Masks