Constant Change: Food Justice

We have been advocating for food justice and public health equality for a while! Now that we have a physical space (see below) we are calling on the community to help us fill our outdoor, ventilated communal food pantry! Providing quick and easy access to an array of food items. This rain-resistant food pantry is just one of our expansion efforts.

We’re even hosting a giveaway for a Mindful Moments with Mo Mother’s Day Basket for anyone who can donate to our pantry this week!

New Roots

We spoke with Fresh Stop Market Manager Mr. Juan and New Roots Founder Karen Moskowitz about their upcoming Fresh Stops! There are several Fresh Stop locations in Louisville like the one at the California Community Center and Dr. William G. Weathers Senior House. Families who receive additional governmental assistance such as SNAP and WIC may purchase shares ($40 worth of fresh food) for as low as $12/month!

We’re also increasing our Sunday Dinner impact from 60 to 100 meals!

Thank you to this week’s donors:

  • Tara and Erik Bristow – Snacks, salt, bleach containers
  • Ocean Behavioral Healthcare – $100 Visa Gift Card
  • Maria Gurren – Fire Tablet for youth in community
  • Prolific Services 502 – Pantry
  • Eliza Thompson – Snacks
  • Martha’s Agape Love Childcare – $100
  • New Roots – Beets and Potatoes
  • Tabby Nuckols – Bean Soup and Corn-muffins
  • Burnett Avenue Baptist Church – Snack and Pantry Haul
  • The Rosewater Bookstore – Books for Sunday Dinner
  • Texas Roadhouse – Small to-go containers
  • Malorie Bohannon – Amazon Wishlist
  • Dr. Tish Brookins – Amazon Wishlist
  • Tara Patterson – Amazon Wishlist
  • Sydney Jones – Amazon Wishlist

Garden Plot

We met with Steve Lewis at our 30’x30′ garden plot we purchased from Ag in the City! We are seeking volunteers and donations in the form of seeds, tools and heavy weed-preventing fabric.

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