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JULY 19, 2021 

LOUISVILLE, KY (July 19, 2021) — Change Today, Change Tomorrow (CTCT), in partnership with Diversity At The Table (DATT), will be hosting their next Community Baby Shower on July 25, 2021 from 2pm-4pm at St. George Episcopal Gym. This project has cultivated a village of people who make sure mothers, parents, and caregivers who do not have access to the same resources as others, have access to everything they need to take care of their child(ren). Clothing, shelter, and food are essential items that do not require conversations around who is deserving or not. People need assistance. They need community power more than ever, and that’s what we are here to foster. 

Talesha Wilson, Organizer of the Community Baby Shower and founder of DATT shares some of her story: “My mother was a single parent from West End Louisville and there were times I knew she could have used a community baby shower or community support to get the things I needed. Her money was tied up in bills, groceries, and the clothes I grew out of every 2 months. A community baby shower would have not only helped her financially, but would have reduced her stress tremendously. That is the story for many mothers, especially those who are Black, that live in the West End. The beautiful aspect of this initiative is that we aren’t buying parents items we think they need/want; we are asking them directly for the items they would like to receive. We want parents to not feel guilty about needing or wanting assistance in having a child. I am not a parent. However, this initiative is important to me because I know that when the time comes, these resources and initiatives will help my parenting experience be less difficult to manage. And who couldn’t use less stress?” 

Donations both physical or monetary should be directed to Talesha Wilson at Community members may apply to participate or support the wishlist. 

For inquiries about the Community Baby Shower, please contact Talesha Wilson at


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