A Look Behind the Scenes

Former Feed The West Dropsites and Their Stories


Our Feed The West campaigns are driven by community connections. Not only do we rely on donations to fuel the need of the West but we also rely on donations of space. This Summer we were able to utilize both the Parkland Boys & Girls club and the St. George Episcopal church, and we are more than grateful for them opening their doors to us. However, these buildings are just empty spaces without the faces that fuel them. Today we would like to highlight two of those faces, Angela Masden and Shehan Jordan. Without their voices we wouldn’t have been able to utilize those spaces all summer.


“Boys & Girls Clubs of Kentuckiana (BGCK) is an out-of-school time provider, offering a safe haven for youth who need us. We open our doors and our arms to kids ages 6-18, in a safe, positive environment. Inside our Clubs, kids are greeted by name by adult youth professionals in a fun, family atmosphere.”


Director Angela Masden’s joyful spirit radiated as she allowed me to interupt her busy day with a fruit arrangement and a small impromptu interview.


Angela: “I thought you had something serious to talk about.”

Jasmyne: “No girl I just needed to drop off this arrangement and ask you a couple of questions.”

Angela: “Go for it.”

Jasmyne: ” So the first one is, What is your favorite Black Owned Resturant?”

Angela: “Thats an easy one. Southern Hospitality.”

Jasmyne: “What is your favorite Black Owned Business?”

Angela: “Mine duhhh. The Rose Dove Collection and PHP Life insurance.”

Jasmyne: “And this is the last one, how do you speak up for black voices in the workspace?”

Angela: “In my position I’m in, I’m constantly speaking up for US. Someways will be through actions, while others are through social media and utilizing the voice of the community and kids.”



Much like Angela, Shehan Jordan has always fought for black voices in the work place, and her time as an Interim Summer Camp Director allowed her to uplift children’s voices as well.


Jasmyne: “So I have a couple questions if you don’t mind.”

Shehan: “No you’re fine!”

Jasmyne:”What is your favorite black owned restaurant?”

Shehan: “Abyssinia hands down.”

Jasmyne: ” What about your favorite black owned business.”

Shehan: “Even easier, Play Cousins Collective”

Jasmyne: “And this is the last one, how do you speak up for black voices in the work space?”

Shehan: “I could write a whole dissertation on this one, but I must say that I’ve invited my peers, colleagues, and students into many conversations. They can range from race to culture, and identity. I take this info everywhere I go, with the purpose of demanding action to dismantle racist policies and practices both in and out of the classroom”


These are the faces and stories that fuel Feed The West. Our connection to the community is pivotal to our mission of bringing sustainable food security to the west end. If your business in the west end would like to donate their space, please email Shauntrice Martin at feedthewest@change-today.org.


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